Your Car’s Engine Oil

Your Car's Engine Oil

Engine Oil is as important as the blood that flows in one's life I'd say. As you drive your car, some amount of oil is consumed as it lubricates the engine's internal moving parts. It helps to transfer heat from inside the engine to maintain a safe operating temperature. It also protects and cleans the moving parts under your car hood.

It is important you check your engine oil at least once in a week to ensure it's not contaminated or low.

If your engine oil is  is low, all you need to do is to top up your engine oil. If it is dirty, then it's due for a change.

It is a very easy process, you don't need to run to the mechanic. It's something you can always do at home before you zoom out. All you need is a piece of towel or paper towel.

Before you get started, ensure your car is parked on a level ground and warmed up. You should wait for a few minutes for your engine to cool down so it doesn't hurt you.

dipstick     1. Open the car's hood and locate the engine oil's dipstick (you can use your car manual). It usually has a small ring on top..

2. Pull the dipstick and wipe out the lower end of the dipstick and  slowly put the dipstick into its tube. Be sure the dipstick is correctly inserted.

3. Pull out the dipstick again.  The oil level should be between the upper and lower level marks. If the level is near the lower mark, you just need to top up the oil.

Next time on Car Doctor, I'd tell you when your oil is due for a change.

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