Unanticipated Ways To Avoid Accident

Unanticipated Ways To Avoid Accident

Despite the fact that almost every driver believes that he or she is responsible behind the wheel, an alarming number of car crashes occur on the road every year. Often, these accidents are the result of a momentary lapse of judgment or unforeseen maintenance issue. Here are some car travel tips and car safety tips on unexpected ways to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

When suddenly losing control on the road due to rain, ice or snow, many drivers tend to overreact by jerking the wheel back toward the road, according to AOL.com. However, this behavior can actually put you at risk for a rollover. If you start sliding towards the side of the road, gently turn the wheel in the direction you’re sliding and apply the brakes slowly.

The necessities of driving with your headlights on at night are obvious, but keeping them on during the day can also be beneficial. A research showed that driving with headlights while the sun is up decreased the likelihood of a car crash by 11 percent.

Low rider
According to a research, drivers who ride in higher vehicles like trucks or SUVs tend to feel like they’re traveling slower than they actually are. By lowering your seat, you’ll have a better indication of how fast you’re driving.

Windshield wipers
While you may feel that your current wipers are adequate, you should replace worn blades at least once every three months. If neglected, old wipers can fail to keep your windshield clear of water and greatly reduce visibility in a storm.

Tire pressure
Drivers should make sure that their tires’ air pressure is at the level recommended by the manufacturer. A lack of air can render tires less effective and cause your vehicle to lose traction on the road. AOL.com also reports that if you get a flat tire while driving, avoid suddenly hitting the brakes. Instead, gradually slow down by taking your foot off of the gas for a safe stop.



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