Toyota Prius 2020

Toyota Prius 2020

Toyota has a great history of vehicle structure in which the Prius Prime ($34,189, as tried) has no influence. This module variant of the adored Prius half and half has a Samsonite – estimated battery took care of its bum, which permits it to proceed onward electrons alone for up to 25 miles before it must gather the chthonic powers of its 1.8-liter, 95-hp inline four.

That makes the Prius Prime a module crossover electric vehicle. The Prime has just four seats to the Volt’s five; the Volt is lively and enjoyable to drive, while the Prime feels like it’s towing Noah’s Ark; and, fundamentally, the Prime’s everything electric range is not exactly a large portion of that of the Volt—my watched normal was more like 16 miles.

All Prius Prime models highlight the equivalent powertrain and essential format, so choose the XLE trim. It gives you a not too bad arrangement of additional highlights while keeping the value sensible. Its eminent additional items contrasted with the base LE are its standard route framework, bigger touchscreen, recreated calfskin upholstery and a remote cell phone charger.

Powertrain Gas-electric hybrid system: naturally aspirated 1.8-liter DOHC inline four cylinder with variable valve control and automatic stop/start; front wheel drive; continuously variable transmission

System Net Power 121 hp

Length/Width/Height/Wheelbase 182.9/69.3/57.9/106.3 inches

Curb Weight 3,375

0-60 mph 10.2 seconds

EPA Fuel Economy 133 mpg-e

EV Mode Range 25 miles

Cargo Capacity 19.8 cubic feet

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