Things You Should Not Do In ATV

Things You Should Not Do In ATV

Things You Should Not Do In Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Automatic transmission cars are easy to drive. Although the mechanism in an automatic transmission is complex. Due to their complexity, automatic transmissions are costly to repair. To be able to maintain a vehicle with an automatic transmission gearbox, here are a few things that you should not do in an automatic transmission automobile.

Using’Park’ As a Break:

Never put your vehicle on”P” while the car is moving. The locking mechanism which is a pin prevents the car from going when it is in”Park”. The Pin is known as a Park Pawl. The Park Pawl acts as a lock between the gears. This pin prevents the gears from rotating, which prevents the car from moving. Therefore suddenly shifting the gear to”Park” risks damaging the park mechanism.

Not Paying Attention to Transmission Fluid:

The time necessary to check on transmission fluids isn’t much and it surely does not cost that much to change the fluid. It is always much better to invest a little on preventive maintenance than to have to pay for repairs that are complete. It should be noted that there are transmission fluids for CVT and ATF transmissions. Adding ATF fluid in a car with CVT Transmission or vise versa would harm the transmission system and it will need to be replaced.

Shifting to Neutral When Going Down the Hill:

Placing the car on neutral while the car is moving downhill is not recommended at all. This is because whenever the car is in neutral, you have no control over the speed at which, the car is travelling. A good deal of individuals feels they are saving fuel once the car is descending in neutral, this however isn’t the case. Most modern automatic transmission systems reduce the fuel supply of the car while the car is moving downhill.

Revving the Car to Launch it

Revving the engine in neutral and shifting it to drive to launch it can damage the automated transmission. An automated transmission gearbox has bands and clutches, which may get worn off prematurely due to excessive strain and pressure applied to them. When revving, the bands and clutches tend to slip when the car launches.

Shifting Between Gears While Car is Moving:

Always ensure that you come to a complete stop when shifting gears in an automatic transmission. Bands and clutches are responsible for gear changes in an automatic transmission. These bands and clutches have friction substance linings inside them, which last a lifetime. When the vehicle is in motion and gears are shifted, a lot of load is applied to the bands and clutches, which harm the frictional material, ultimately damaging the transmission.


The above mentioned are just a couple of crucial things a motorist must bear in mind while driving a vehicle with automatic transmission. It’s encouraged to find the transmission oil assessed every 5000Km-7000Km. Constantly use the transmission oil advocated from the car’s owner manual.

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