TATA Assembles Cars in Nigeria

TATA Assembles Cars in Nigeria

TATA automobile company is set to assemble its brand of vehicles in Nigeria, in response to the country’s new policy in the automobile sector.

Many of the major vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda are currently taking advantage of the new national auto policy.  National Automotive Council (NAC) while assessing efforts so far, assured Nigerians of quality of their products.

According to the Regional Manager of TATA North and West Africa Kshitij Verma the company has concluded arrangements to unveil the first set of assembled trucks by the 3rd week of August, 2015.

While addressing TATA executives in Abuja, the Director General of NAC Engr. Aminu Jalal, seized the opportunity to reassure Nigerians that value is being added locally to brands assembled in Nigeria and that high quality employment is already happening even though assembling operations at the moment is at the semi knocked down level.

Jalal noted that unlike the previous attempts in automotive development in Nigeria which was undermined by badly managed trade liberalization policy, the present attempt is characterized by the involvement of local entrepreneurs with vast experience in the automobile industry. He added that the coming of TATA and the others is an expression of the confidence of global investors in Nigeria and NAC is working towards ensuring that it endures.

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