Slovakian Ready For Production Of Flying Cars

Slovakian Ready For Production Of Flying Cars

A Slovakian firm, Aeromobil, has said it has finally created a self driving car that can fly, with production to begin as early as 2017.

The vehicle, called the Aeromobil, allegedly take off and land at any airport in the world, fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol, and when its wings fold down, it will fit into a normal parking space. The company also claims it takes normal fuel pumped at every service station.

“It is now finalised and has been in regular flight-testing program in real flight conditions since October 2014,” the firm said through its CEO, Juraj Vaculik at a panel about the future of flying cars, predicting a world ahead in which these vehicles easily merge with existing transportation.

He says it will be on sale in 2017.


Photo:  Aeromobil

Source:  Today Nigeria


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