Signs You’re Not Taking Care Of Your Car

Signs You're Not Taking Care Of Your Car

Most people aren't as enthusiastic as their cars as we are. However, that doesn't mean that you have to be a car person to understand how to keep up with your ride. We're astonished how few people pay attention to something that they paid thousands of naira for. Especially because not paying attention could end up costing you even more money. There are simple steps to take to avoid some major issues, so, read and know Signs You're Not Taking Care of Your Car.

You Can't Remember When You Changed Your Oil Last

The set-in-stone rule for changing your oil is no longer 3,000 miles. What you should do is check the owner's manual to see the recommended mileage between oil changes. These days, many cars can go as long as 8-10,000 miles between changes or around a year. If you have a more odd schedule, put a small piece of tape somewhere in the engine and write down every time your oil has been changed. That way, you can easily check, and you'll always know when it's time to switch out. The last thing you want is gooky build-up.

You Ignore "That Annoying Squeak"

Guess what "that annoying squeak" might be? Brake pads that need changing. Ignore that and you're going to be digging into and ruining your rotors every time you put your foot on the brake. New brakes are expensive enough. Don't add to the expense by grinding into your rotors for no logical reason.

You Use Any Part of Your Car as a Garbage Can

So, you use your car as a dumpster. What's back there? McDonald's bags, a couple Gatorade bottles, some gum wrappers, and an unused condom (big surprise!). Look, you'll never be able to use our list of how to get a girl into the backseat if your car isn't even clean. Rides that smell like foot fungus and fast food are the worst.

One or More of Your Gauges Doesn't Work

How the hell are you supposed to keep an eye on things like gas level, engine temperature, or oil pressure when your gauge doesn't work? Make this mistake too long, and your engine is going to fry our seize up, essentially rendering your car useless. Little things like this can be extremely detrimental.


Your Cup Holder Is Sticky

We know it's damn near impossible not to end up drinking or eating in your car, but please, please, please, be careful. Food and drink can quickly ruin a perfectly good interior by making everything sticky or greasy. See all that gunk stuck under your loose change? That's from that one time some of your milkshake seeped out of the cup. Clean it up immediately!

You Still Have Bird Poop on Your Hood From Three Weeks Ago

This is one that we're personally adamant about. We've seen the damage that bird shit can cause, and trust us, you'll end up regretting not taking the 2 minutes to wipe it off. If you leave it on too long, it will actually eat at the clear coat on your car, leaving a permanent mark in whatever shape that bird splashed on your car. Clean that up as soon as you seen it.

You Can't See the Coolant in your Radiator

Pretty much everybody knows to check the level of their oil, but the radiator often goes untouched. Why that is we'll never know. It's pretty much just as important. If the level low, you might have a crack or leak, which if fixed quickly, will save you a lot of money in wasted yellow liquid. If you don't catch this early, your engine temp will sky rocket, damaging it tremendously.

The Walls of Your Tire Are Worn

This is different than just having no more tread on your tires, which is bad enough. Having the sides or walls of your tires showing wear like this means that your alignment is way off. Take your car to your reputable mechanic and get that squared away ASAP.

There's No Spare Tire in the Back

This can mean one of two things: You're still driving with a donut on your car, which is a big mistake, or you got your new tire and never replaced your donut. You just look like an idiot if you're riding around with a 10" wheel, and you're bound to get stranded not packing a spare.

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