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post your car for sale or auction, we have considerable traffic, mostly African market demand. Need prove sign up..


For a cars, $10

save your car before posting.

When you add a car, before you click post save it first. Still have issue chat us.


If you need something added or removed from the site. Tell us we have listening ears.

Running a good site like this brings with it a lot of challenges. We have considerable visitors seeking to buy different cars on daily basis.Just the way you’re here now, some people have been here and many more come here daily.

packages and available services

up date your profile first.Inside your profile change your password, then try again if it persist get in touch.

yes as a foreigner you can display your car for sale but you can not auction your car for now.

Just let us know the car type, we will add it 

We thought its difficult and time consuming running from one seller to another, are times sellers are in different state, and how can you inspect 100 cars and make the right choice.

Presently No. We will definitely hire, but when the time come we will let the news out.

$10 = N15000



Per 3 month


Per 6 month is positioned to make it easy for people like you to sell or buy car stress free . Contact Us


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