Porsche Reveals Its Electric Concept With Mission E

Porsche Reveals Its Electric Concept With Mission E

PORSCHE has launched into the world of electric car concept with the unveiling of a stunning new 600bhp plus electric-powered concept car – the Mission E.

Showing off its capability in terms of electric mobility at this year’s Frankfurt motor, Porsche said the concept is a reflection of tomorrow’s expectation.

The Mission E is expected to be powered by a pair of electric motors derived from Porsche’s 919 LeMans racers.

In total, the concept car is expected to have more than 600 horsepower and more than 310 miles of electric range.

Porsche claims that the electric concept is good for a 0-62 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds.

All of the Porsche’s stats seem to be in the same neighborhood as the benchmark Tesla Model S P90D’s “Ludicrous Mode” 2.8-second 0-60 time, 763-horsepower rating, and 300-mile range.

In addition, the Mission E is expected to feature all-wheel-drive and four-wheel steering.

Using an 800-volt charging port, Porsche claims its electric car can reach 80% charge in just 15 minutes, which the company has dubbed “Porsche Turbo Charging.” The current king of fast charging is Tesla’s highly praised 400v Supercharger, which can juice up the Model S to 80% charge in about half an hour.

Porsche, the German automaker known for fast, sexy cars, is showing that it is getting serious about electric cars.

In showing its new Mission E concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it joins a list of other famous European brands in saying the timing is finally right for electrics.

As envisioned, Mission E would be near the top of the pack in the electric-car performance game, packing the equivalent of 600 horsepower. Running entirely on advanced batteries, the car will be able to travel 310 miles on a single charge and be recharged up to 80 per cent capacity in 15 minutes. It will be able to go from zero-to-62 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds. Porsche said it will become a production car within the next five years.

Porsche’s Research and Development chief, Wolfgang Hatz, said: “We have to prepare for the future and now we believe the time is right for that”.

According to him electric-car batteries are robust enough for 300-mile range, not the sub-100-mile cars that most automakers have been offering on a limited basis. Charging systems, he adds, needed to become fast enough to prevent anxious drivers from tapping their toes while their cars juice up.


Source: Guardian Nigeria

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