Osinbajo To Flag Off Abuja International Motor Fair

Osinbajo To Flag Off Abuja International Motor Fair

The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, will lead other dignitaries from the public and private sectors to declare the 17th  edition of the Abuja International Motor Fair open on Thursday at the Eagle Square, Abuja. Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Agwu Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Fair said that having the fair declared open by the Vice President underscores the Federal Government’s commitment in encouraging and supporting efforts geared towards developing the automotive industry in Nigeria; especially now that it is seriously working towards diversifying the economy.

Mr. Agwu, who is also the Managing Director of BKG Exhibitions Ltd,-Organizers of the Fair, noted that the presence of the Vice President will go a long way in reinforcing the aims and objectives of the show which is  fast tracking the development of the automotive sector of in Nigeria.

His presence according to the Managing Director would give the needed encouragement and boost to existing and potential investors in the industry. It will also enable the government to know the level of progress made by the new auto policy as many locally assemble vehicles vehicles will be on display. Innoson Motors the leading local auto assembly company will be taking part in the show for the first time.

Agwu said “The platform of this event will offer a litmus test to the shape of things in the industry with the current paradigm shift in the sector as the automobile is undoubtedly the primary yardstick of success for any auto exhibition.

This means auto enterprises showcasing at any exhibition must ensure visibility and wholeness/completeness, not leaving anything to chance. This edition is loaded with a whole lot of content that is designed to showcase the strength and resilience of the participants as well as create an educative and fun filled atmosphere for all those that will be visiting the show.

“MTN Nigeria Limited, one of the leading and widest telecommunications companies in the country will be playing a significant role in this event. The telecommunications giant is using the event to support the rapid development of the automotive and road transport sectors on the  economy.

This is already working as more reach outs are being made to drive quality visitors to the event using the platform of MTN.  With the theme this year, which promotes the culture and attitude of self- belief and self –confidence, the Organising Committee head also noted that aside the known strong brands that will be at the show, a few others will be debuting.



Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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