Mobile Car Washing Machine Debut

Mobile Car Washing Machine Debut

With unique characteristics, such as environmental-friendliness and use of very little volume of water, the mobile car wash works by simply spraying on, wiping off and buffing, the body of the car to a shine, as against the use of large volume of water in the normal car wash system which leaves the surrounding wet, and flooded in some cases.

Guests at the demonstration session held in the Ajayi Aina area of Gbagada, Lagos, watched with keen interest as one of the operators, trained by Green Machine Nigeria, importers and marketers of the machines, used car wash products with a small can of water to comprehensively clean a Nissan Almera in a few minutes.

“The Green Machine uses waterless carwash products that lift the dirt from the vehicle by a process of emulsification; meaning that the spray breaks down the dirt into molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules, lifting them off the surface,” explained the Chief Executive Officer of Green Machine Nigeria, Kemi Koyejo. This method, she said, results in longer lifespan of the car paint and prevents corossion of the body.

Koyejo, who has decades of experience in the auto market, explained that the machine is very easy to move around, and could be taken to homes, offices, auto dealerships, hotels, churches and other places, to “conveniently clean as many cars as possible within a short time” with very little water, and without messing up the surrounding.

Apart from running a car wash service at the location in Gbagada, Green Machine Nigeria said it is targeting auto dealers, the hospitality industry and corporate organisations with fleets of vehicles. It was also learned that the marketer plans to appoint dealers for Lagos and parts of the country to ensure that the “huge benefits” are enjoyed by Nigerians wherever they may be.

The Chief Executive Officer also hinted of the possibility of using the mobile waterless car wash as a tool for empowering the youths, stressing that Green Machine Nigeria would be favourably disposed to partnerships with state governments, local government councils and other interested organisations.

Describing the idea as a means of providing dividends of democracy to the youths and  reducing unemployment and crime, she explained that while her company would train the benefiting youths on how to operate the system, the other party would buy the machines for them at discounted prices.


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