LTV, Automedics Auto Show Debuts In Lagos

LTV, Automedics Auto Show Debuts In Lagos

Automedics Limited has introduced a new automotive exhibition platform tagged ‘Automedics Autofest’, in partnership with Lagos Television, to provide new opportunities for automobile manufacturers and franchise holders to display their strength and capabilities in the Nigeria.

Automedics Autofest is an annual show which serves as a meeting platform for auto lovers, buyers and sellers to transact in mutually beneficial terms, and exchange ideas on their desired vehicle models, and source needed genuine parts, accessories and favorite lubricants.

Automobile companies, especially the manufacturers and over 30 franchise holders of several brands in the country have been yarning for a new auto show they can leverage on to promote their brand values, express their brand promise and generate new database of prospects, sales and ultimately profit for their organisation. The fair promises all that and more opportunity for exhibitors to launch new models into the market, reinforce the existing ones in the minds of teeming auto users and positively project their brand image in the highly competitive market.

According to Kunle Shonaike, the Chief Executive Officer of Automedics Limited, “this is the first time such an exhibition is happening on the mainland in Lagos state, and the uniqueness lies in its proximity to the seat of power, the Central Business District, Alausa’, which houses the Lagos State Government secretariat. In addition, the show will be taking place close to the biggest shopping mall in Lagos, the ‘Lagos City Mall’, with the capacity to attract over 50,000 businessmen and visitors for seven days.”

The Automedics Autofest, which takes place within the premises of Lagos State Television complex in Ikeja makes accessibility easier for all participants and guarantee security of lives and property. The state television, being a partner in the project has assured of friendly and affordable commercial advert rates, in addition to a special purpose TV program tagged ‘AutomedicsAutofest Special’ where exhibitors can promote product and services to millions of viewers in Lagos and beyond, on both the terrestrial and DSTV Channel 256 platforms.

Automedics Autofest is not just about auto exhibition as it offers a lot of side attractions for both the exhibitors and prospective auto buyers.

According to the Project Director, Sir Oseme Oigiagbe, ‘this show is going to be different from others ever attended anywhere in Nigeria because of several activities designed to engage all levels of visitors, both old and young.

“We are bringing the popular Go-kart racing equipment for adults and children, trendy fashion show for women and ‘funky car-wash’ for executive male visitors as well as celebrity hang-outs with popular artistes and on-air Personalities, (OAPs). So it is a bumper package that promises to be fun filled, rewarding for the exhibitors and eventful to the visitors,” he said

Automedics commenced business seven years ago as a radio programme to effect positive cultural and practice changes in modern automobiles usage and maintenance in Nigeria.It snowballed from a radio programme to an institution of learning automobile and mechatronics engineering. Motoring public gets value-for-money on their vehicular investment through various initiatives from the company over the years.


Source: Guardian News

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