Know Your Car Logo And Its Meaning

Know Your Car Logo And Its Meaning

1. Audi

audi logo meaning Top 10 Famous Logos, Which Have A Hidden Meaning

Many have wondered what the four circles in this automaker’s logo mean. Well the four circles represent the 4 companies that were a part of the Auto-Union Consortium in 1932, namely, DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.

2. BMW

bmw logo meaning Top 10 Famous Logos, Which Have A Hidden Meaning

BMW’s logo is a tribute to the company’s history in aviation. The logo shows a propeller in motion with the blue part representing the sky. This is due to the company’s role of building aircraft engines for the German military during World War II.



3. Toyota

toyota logo meaning Top 10 Famous Logos, Which Have A Hidden Meaning

The intersecting ovals of this logo are symbolic of the trust between Toyota and its customers, and the ovals also form the letter “T” for Toyota. Toyota intends for the white space to be an expression of unlimited potential in the future.

The three elipses depict the heart of the customer, the heart of the product, and the ever-expanding technological advancements and boundless opportunities that lie ahead

4. Volkswagen

volkswagen logo meaning Top 10 Famous Logos, Which Have A Hidden Meaning

The Volkswagen logo simply shows the letter of the company’s initials. The word “Volks” is German for people, while “Wagen” is German for car.


5. Chevrolet

There are four theories behind the origin of the Chevrolet bowtie…

The first theory is that it originated from a wallpaper design that Chevy co-founder William C. Durant saw in a Parisian hotel. The second theory goes that Durant sketched the design at the dinner table one night between the soup and the fried chicken, while the third unproven theory is that the logo was inspired by an existing logo for Coalettes, a refined fuel product for fires.

The fourth and final theory is that the bowtie is stylised version of the cross of the Swiss flag, since Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland.

6. Ferrari

As described by Enzo Ferrari just once, the story behind the world’s most recognised car logo goes like this:

“The horse was painted on the fuselage of the fighter plane of Francesco Baracca – a heroic airman of the First World War. In ’23, I met count Enrico Baracca, the hero’s father, and then his mother, countess Paulina, who said to me one day, ‘Ferrari, put my son’s prancing horse on your cars. It will bring you good luck’. The horse was, and still is, black, and I added the canary yellow background which is the colour of Modena.”

7. Lamborghini

The reason behind the iconic Lamborghini bull is that the animal is Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign (he was born on April 28, 1916, which makes him a Taurus). He was also a fan of bull fighting, which is why the bull looks like it’s ready to ruin someone’s day.

8. Mercedes

Merc’s logo is a bold statement of intent, not some romantic ideal or a wild beast ready to mess someone up. The three-pointed star simply represents the brand’s domination of the land, the sea, and the air. Mercedes aimed to make transportation easier on land, on water, and in the air.

The three-pointed Mercedes star represents its three aspirations

9. Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi logo is probably another ‘cool, I did not know that’ one for you. The origin of the logo is reflected in the company name. ‘Mitsu’ means ‘three’ in Japanese, while ‘hishi’ (pronounced ‘bishi’) means water chestnut, and is also the same word that the Japanese have long used to denote a rhombus or diamond shape.

10. Volvo

Volvo's logo resembles an ancient chemical symbol for iron

Volvo’s logo resembles an ancient chemical symbol for iron

The word Volvo closely resembles the Spanish word that means “I roll,” symbolizing Volvo’s desire to make transportation easier.

The company’s logo, a circle with an arrow pointing out, is an ancient chemical symbol for iron. It’s one of the oldest ideograms in Western culture, and it’s intended to depict modern design.

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