Is Your Car Fit For The Trip?

Is Your Car Fit For The Trip?

Before you embark on that long journey, you need to check your car properly to ensure your car doesn’t break down or get you stranded.

Here is a list of what to check out for

1)  Engine Oil:

Engine oil is very important, without oil, your engine will overheat. Check your car engine oil to ensure that there is enough oil, but also to ensure that contamination hasn’t occurred.

2)  Tyres:

Check that the tyres have the correct amount of thread left on them, and if you’re worried that they haven’t it is definitely worth investing in a new tyre, or set of tyres.  Furthermore, make sure that all the tyre pressures are set to the necessary figures, which can be found in your car owner’s manual. Don’t forget to check out your spare tyre too!

3)  Engine Coolant:

The coolant in the engine is a mixture of anti-freeze and water, which stops the engine from overheating. You should check the coolant, look at your vehicle handbook to find out how to check the engine coolant and how to top it up if necessary.

4)  Brakes:

Inspecting your car’s brake pads for wear and tear is necessary before embarking on a long journey, as you don’t want to travel in a car that isn’t safe.

5) Lights:

Check that your headlights and indicators are working. If possible keep spare bulbs in your vehicle.
After you have completed these simple checks fill up with fuel and you will be ready for your journey. Drive safely!

6)  Car Battery:

Check your battery. Make sure the battery terminals are clean. If you are worried about it holding a good charge or possibly going out on you during your journey, go ahead and have your battery charge checked out.

7)  Be prepared and bring supplies in the event of an accident or medical issue. Stock your car with a first-aid kit, and some basic tools.

8)  Be sure to check the wipers and all fluid levels.

9)  Make sure you have all the important car documents.

10)  Do make sure you have both a GPS in the car and a physical map if you are driving to a place that is really far out. Having a fully-charged smart phone with the reliable Google Maps application will also be a handy back-up.





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