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Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited

Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited

Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited, authorised dealer and assembler of the brand in Nigeria has inaugurated a new showroom for sales, services and spare-parts in Lagos.

Speaking at the launch of the showroom, Hyundai Motors Nigeria Head of Sales and Marketing, Jatin Nadkarni said that the facility was fundamental to the harmonization of ideals and reassessment of the Hyundai brand.

Located between the trio of Nissan, Audi and Porsche showrooms in Akin Adesola Street Victoria Island Lagos, Nadkarni said the facility would ease access to Hyundai product range; sales and after sales service under a convenient atmosphere.

“This ultramodern 3s showroom is borne out of Stallion Group’s commitment to the Hyundai brand and particularly her dedication to the Federal Government auto policy direction to make affordable vehicles available to the teeming motoring publics,” Nadkarni explained.

He said: “We are looking forward to unlocking the huge potential of the showroom which will give us great opportunity to present the Hyundai range to our valued customers in all its variety.”

 A subsidiary of West African Conglomerate Stallion Group, the Hyundai Motors Nigeria avant-garde showroom follows Hyundai Motor Corporation adaptable module and concept design that is gradually being rolled out across Hyundai dealerships worldwide.

Nadkarni said Hyundai is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, adding that the Korean automaker offers top-quality best sellers that have won internationally acclaimed reputation.

The new showroom display area is imbued with crystal floor that can accommodate up to 10 vehicles with ambience and spacious climate controlled drive-through reception area with comfortable customer lounge that makes shopping a cinch.
The facility is clad in white framed aluminium with seamless fusion of style and elegance that signifies Hyundai corporate identity.

He said customers can also savour the beauty of new model Hyundai cars in the showroom while their cars are checked-in for routine maintenance in the conviviality of the new showroom fitted with a quick service centre that can handle 25 cars per day.

Meanwhile, the company has announced the introduction of attractive pricing structure that would fit all customers that aims to drive Hyundai engineered vehicles and endear the brand unique premium experience to customers, Nadkarni said.


Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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