How To Clean Your Car’s Trunk

How To Clean Your Car’s Trunk

The trunk is one of the most overlooked parts of a car when it comes to cleaning.

Most people will clean the interior and exterior as well as the wheels with tire dressing.  However when it comes to the trunk, many people forget about it.

It’s important to keep a clean trunk because that is where you haul some of your most valuable cargo.  Groceries, clothing and small furniture purchased at stores are regularly transported in your car’s trunk before it makes it to your home.

Don’t you want to hold items you eat and wear in a clean space?

To help you keep your trunk clean, here are some car trunk cleaning and car trunk organizing tips.

  • Remove Everything From Your Trunk and Then Clean: When cleaning your trunk, remove all items before cleaning.  This will make it easier to remove dirt and other debris.
  • Use a Power Vacuum: Using a high-powered vacuum will help to remove any dirt and debris lodged in the carpet fibers of your trunk.  Be sure to vacuum thoroughly.  Remove any stains or smells with a carpet cleaner.
  • Organize Your Trunk: If you want your trunk to stay clean, it needs to be organized.  Store jumper cables and any car cleaning materials such as tire cleaner inside of trunk organizers.
  • Treat Your Trunk Like The Car Interior: Would you place a dirty tire wrench in the backseat of your car?  If your answer is probably not … then don’t put it in your trunk.  Make sure to clean items before storing them in your trunk.




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