Harmful Overlooked Auto Safety Issues

Harmful Overlooked Auto Safety Issues

It is good for you to drive. But is better you keep your car in perfect condition before you put it on the road, especially when it has to do with issues that can endanger your life. Do not use ‘safety first’ as just a slogan, there is need for you to properly observe the following overlooked auto safety issues that may harm you.

Missing air bags

Vehicle airbags is something that should concern anyone, particularly those who have bought a previously owned car. Don’t assume you’re in the clear just because there are no signs of crash-related damage or repair work — air bags can deploy as a result of low-speed collisions that may cause little or no damage. Check the vehicle’s history using a service such as Carfax, or ask your mechanic to check for signs of prior air-bag deployment.


Compromised bumpers

If you have had any type of bump or collision, including a minor fender bender, or if you own a used car with an unknown past, this may be a concern. Even if bumpers look fine, they may not be OK. Cars.com, says: “If your car has been rear-ended lightly or the bumpers were otherwise struck, have a mechanic or body shop check it out. Nowadays, most bumpers use a dense foam material to absorb impact, but they only work once. Even if they show no signs from the outside, the underlying structure may be compressed, which means the next mishap could cause greater injury and/or damage than the first one did.”


Damaged or rusted brake lines

 Brake lines can be vulnerable to rust and breakage. This is especially true if you live in an area with rough weather. Many of the chemicals used to treat roads contain corrosive chemicals that can damage brake lines. Unlike some other brake problems, damaged brake lines don’t give tell-tale signs such as squealing or grinding. When checking your brake lines, look for puddles of leaking brake fluid. If you spot any holes or signs of rust damage, chances are there are other weak points, so it’s probably best to replace the entire brake line.

Damaged headlight lenses

This can reduce your visibility, creating a hazard when you are driving at night or in bad weather. GreenCarReports.com. says: “Scars and scratches on plastic headlight lenses can be caused by slush, road salt, stones, etc. Check for gouges, cracks or moisture inside the headlight that would indicate the seal has failed, which can make your light less bright and shorten the life of that (expensive) bulb inside.”

Steering and suspension problems

Like brake lines, these parts are susceptible to corrosion and weather-related damage. Carchex spokesman and “MotorWeek” co-host Pat Goss says, “Make sure to check critical steering and suspension parts because harmful winter chemicals can migrate past seals and cause damage. Rough, pothole-ridden roads don’t help, either.”



Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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