Fortuner: Athletic, Smart Toyota SUV

Fortuner: Athletic, Smart Toyota SUV

A good Sport Utility Vehicle should have attributes like high ground clearance, off-road capability, smart design, high level comfort and safety features. Oftentime most makers of Sports utility vehicles do not think that fuel efficiency should be one of the attributes. But this is where Toyota models standout. They give you sport utility vehicle features and at the same time, do not compromise on fuel efficiency.

This is where a car like the Toyota Fortuner has made its mark. Smart looking with unparalleled fuel efficiency. At a time like this when efficiency and economy play good role in peoples decision in changing or acquiring new cars, the Toyota exploit in designing strong, rugged cars with fuel economy is always on the front burner.

The Toyota Fortuner might cost you a little more to acquire when compared to its competitors in its segment, but the running cost make its far cheaper to keep. Powered by a 2.7-litre petrol engine, featuring electronic fuel injection, the Toyota Fortuner is simply a fortune to own in term of maintenance cost.

A genuine four wheel drive sport utility vehicle, designed and built to deliver excellent driving performance both on road and off-road, the Fortuner gives peace of mind at little or no cost.

Its robust capabilities are based on a refined chassis frame, full-time 4WD system, and good road clearance to tackle rough terrain. A Torsen LSD on the centre differential gear varies the torque distribution automatically and instantly in response to driving conditions, contributing to excellent vehicle stability.

Also, the double wishbone front suspension and four-link rear suspension, both with coil springs, contribute to the excellent stability control and ride comfort. Fortuner’s high-rigidity frame structure provide strong platform for its rugged performance and also helps to reduce noise and vibration from the engine and road coming into the cabin.

As a car that provides fresh leadership in the SUV world, the Toyota Fortuner is available in manual or automatic transmission as well as leather or upholstery seats, thereby providing customers wider choice to settle for. Fortuner offers you smarter way to optimize use of space. The roomy cabin is a multi-functional space that can be quickly rearranged to accommodate changing combinations of people and gear.

For instance, the three row of seats accommodate up to seven adults comfortably. The second and third row seats can be quickly folded and stored away to create a large luggage space with room for big or long loads. Slide and reclined adjustments, and a lifter on the sport-style driver’s seat enable the driver to tailor a position of comfortable control.

Thoughtful touches heighten your comfort and pleasure in the Fortuner. Numerous storage spaces, large pockets with bottle holders on the doors, DC-12 volt power outlets, among others  make life inside the Fortuner more interesting.

Safetywise, the Fortuner is a typical Toyota SUV. It is built to the highest safety quality to prevent accidents as well as protecting occupants in case of an accident. Anti-lock brake system, (ABS), SRS airbags, crash safety body comprising of high integrity cabin with front and rear crumple zones, energy – absorbing materials in the pillar and roof-side rails that create a head impact protection structure . make the Fortuner one of the safest in its class.



Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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