Elizade Explains Sharp Rise In Toyota Price

Elizade Explains Sharp Rise In Toyota Price

The Managing Director of Elizade Nigeria Limited, dealers in Toyota brand of vehicles, Mr. Ademola Ade-Ojo has attributed the sharp rise in prices of Toyota models to government policies and massive devaluation of the naira. The Managing Director who was speaking at a customers forum organised by his company for fleet manager at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos, recently assured the customers that very shortly, the tide would turn in their favour.

According to him, the Nigerian economic terrain in the last 18 months had been quite challenging as the political, economic and legal framework which formed the bedrock for their business, had generated a lot of socio-economic disruptions in the automotive sector of the economy.

Commending the customers for standing by the company over the years through thick and thin, the Elizade boss said “we crave your indulgence and ask for more of your trust, loyalty and commitment going forward.” He noted that despite the inclement economic weather, Elizade would continue to remain a force to be reckoned with as a world-class indigenous corporate entity with the customers as its pillar of support.

To this end he disclosed that the company has embarked on construction of more 3S facilities and upgrading of existing facilities across the country, aimed at improving service provision to the customers. Apart from two 3S in Lagos, he disclosed that Ibadan facility had been upgraded while Likki and Akure 3S facilities are undergoing improvement and enlargement.

Improvement andenlargement

Also, in the South-East axis, he explained that Uyo ultra modern 3S facility is almost ready for commissioning, while Enugu facility  would be ready next year.

The Managing Director who further pointed out that the company was expanding and strengthening its branch facilities to meet customers need added that arrangement had been made for quick service for customers at selected filling stations in Lagos, where preventive maintenance service can be accessed, while a state of the art 3S facility was being planned to complement Abuja facility in the North.

Meanwhile, the managing director further disclosed that the complete metamorphosis of the Lekki facility into a seven-star 3S facility in West Africa was in the offing.

“Our overall vision is to have 3S facilities of world class all over Nigeria in line with Toyota corporation blueprint,” he said, adding that three of their branches had already earned highest certification by Toyota Corporation while additional two branches will be joining this category. These include Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, while Uyo and Akure facilities would be joining in 2016.

To support these facilities, the managing director said that Elizade takes the issue of staff training very seriously. According to him, three of their technicians who were champions at the Toyota organised national skill contest just came back from Japan where they represented Nigeria at the world conference of champions.

For this achievement, he said, “we are proud to announce that we have the highest number of Diagnostic Master Technicians in the Toyota family.” With all these in place Ade-Ojo urged the customers to take advantage of Elizades five star service delivery and other incentives to improve the life span of their Toyota cars.

One of the new incentive is the discount voucher reward system for cash paying customers. He said “We wish to state that as fleet managers, your company and staff can access our products and services in all our locations nationwide with the same level of customer service quality assurance and at reasonably reduced cost.

We have just packaged our incentive for cash paying customers, aimed at ensuring that customers keep maintaining and enjoying their vehicles while they access Elizade Discount Voucher incentive system.” This scheme, he said, allows a cash-paying customer to enjoy some discount on both spare parts and labour at every preventive maintenance service for their vehicles.



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