Easy Taxi to Engage Drivers on Women’s Safety

Easy Taxi to Engage Drivers on Women’s Safety

Ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25th), Easy Taxi has revealed plan to train drivers on women’s safety and security.

The training curriculum is expected to enlist the experiences and support of government agencies, development practitioners, and other stakeholders with knowledge of the transportation sector and womenís safety and security issues.

 The organisation said in a statement that it intended to demonstrate a commitment to safety and security by identifying the challenges women face using public transportation in Nigeria and train drivers to understand and positively respond to the unique experiences of women in regard to safety and security.

The organisation said: ìOur experience — as the most downloaded taxi app in the world, available in over 32 countries and 420 cities — tells us that when drivers understand how the negative experiences of women while commuting (and in particular, while using taxis) affects their income, they are more likely to adjust their behaviour for the betterment of the company, for the transport industry, and society at largeî.



Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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