East & West Connected: Huawei, VW Partner

East & West Connected: Huawei, VW Partner

Soon, Huawei smartphones will have apps that will allow them connect seamlessly to vehicles made by Volkswagen.

Two global brands – Huawei and Volkswagen – who are increasing their presence in Nigeria are partnering to offer android phone users who happen to drive Volkswagen vehicles the opportunity to connect their Huawei smart phones to their cars.


The telecoms giant offered more details at a press release earlier in the year:

At the International Consumer Electronics Show Asia in Shanghai, Huawei and Volkswagen jointly demonstrated a series of apps that safely allow drivers to use GPS navigation systems, play music, send and receive messages, and make phone calls while behind the wheel. The apps support MirrorLink, an open technology standard designed to maximize interoperability between smartphones and vehicle-mounted systems. They cover multiple services including phone calls, SMS, navigation, multimedia, and payment that are all centered on smartphones.

Huawei added that all of the content on its smartphones “will be shown in real time on the car’s infotainment touch screen.” The press release stated that all imported Volkswagen cars, starting with the 2016 models, will be equipped with MirrorLink.

This information comes on the heels of the recent announcement by VW that the German giants will once again be producing cars in Nigeria. Huawei on the other hand, has been asserting its presence in the country as a major B2C telecommunications company, and is aggressively looking to establish its brand in this space.

Given Huawei’s strong relationships with most of the major telephone networks in the country, the stage looks set for many creative and innovative ways in which to harmonize the internet infrastructure, VW software, and Huawei’s mobile telephone and cloud platforms to deliver real-time information to their joint customers.

While there’s still no word on if this technology will reach Nigeria when roll out begins, it is a fairly safe bet that it will, going by the impressive technology transfer the Nigerian market is able to extract from service providers and equipment manufacturers across sectors.


In all, it is looking like an exciting period for the Nigerian automobile industry, and we look forward to more developments from car manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Excerpts from www.androidcentral.com

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