Distracted Driver?

Distracted Driver?

Driving requires full concentration at all times especially on our Nigerian roads. Drivers who get distracted while driving, are significantly increasing their risk of causing a devastating crash. They can cause traffic problems and road accidents.

I've been a resident of Lagos State for over two years. Each time I hit the road, I see a lot of things that distract people while driving, a guy checking out a babe while driving that he didn't know when he hit the car ahead of him.. very funny that I can't help but laugh out loud.

Here are some of them:

1) Applying makeup/Packing hair:

Lol! I see this almost every morning on my way to work. So many ladies are guilty of this. I understand we wake up very early in morning, just shower, dress up and hit the road in order to beat traffic. Why don't we wait till we get to the office because the process distracts. You have to look at yourself in the mirror while making up or packing your hair.

2)  Taking selfies while driving:

According to Ford, snapping a "selfie" behind the wheel can distract a driver for 14 to 20 seconds. Selfie freaks! We have a lot of them these days.  You are putting your life in danger and putting the lives of those around you in danger.
3)Eating, drinking and smoking:

Eating, drinking or smoking while driving may seem like something minor but this act can  lead to result to a serious car accident. We have heard and seen cases of drunk drivers getting involved in a ghastly motor accident. Please do it at the right place.

4 Drivers looking at passengers while talking to them:

Drivers barely even glance at the road while talking or arguing with a passenger. It’s human nature to look someone in the eye when conversing with them. Try to avoid it while driving. They know you’re driving and you would save your life and theirs if you focus on the road ahead.

5) Answering a call/Sending text messages:
The cellphone has been the big distraction – both with calls and texting. If you don’t text or call while driving, congratulations and thank you. Despite heavy fines & stepped up enforcement, I see hand held devices being used by motorists almost daily.
6)  Attending To Baby while Driving:

As dangerous as it is, I have got to take my doff my hat for mothers on this one. This not so wise but mothers can't get their eyes off that baby. While in a commercial vehicle this morning grumbling about the terrible traffic, a female  driver that had a crying baby at the front seat strapped in his baby seat came up beside, I peeped over and saw her busy dipping into what looked like a baby bag which was at the front passenger side on the floor. I saw her pull out a pampers, opened it up and applied powder on it. Then and there i knew that she was actually at a stoplight changing a baby's diaper. We got the green light and i slowly pulled away and she was still stopped on green busy with the pampers. I think she was oblivious to all the cars that were behind her honking away. This is risky though.

#Drive #Safely in order to #Save #lives. Don't get #distracted. Have a lovely weekend.
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