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‘Charms Don’t Prevent Accidents’

‘Charms Don’t Prevent Accidents’

‘Charms Don’t Prevent Accidents’

THE Ogun State Coordinator, Federal Road Safety Corps’ (FRSC) Special Marshal and Partnership (SMP), Elder Emmanuel Fagbenro, has urged motorists to stop believing in the efficacy of charms while driving. He advised them against the erroneous belief that road crashes during the “ember” months are either spiritual or caused by evil spirits.

Elder Fagbenro spoke during the “ember month” campaign rally organised by the Egba Division of SMP at Panseke Motor Park, Abeokuta the Ogun State capital.

He noted that the last four months of the year are usually characterised by an upsurge in road crashes which are attributable to non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations. He reeled off these traffic infractions to include overloading, over speeding and driving against traffic by motorists. This, he said, is widespread due to an increase in vehicular movement and greater number of travellers.

He said: “Accidents occur on the road as a result of what we do or failed to do. Statistic has shown that most of the crashes occurred on the roads as a result of wrong beliefs and over-confidence on the efficacy of charms on the part of drivers.

Fagbenro reiterated the FRSC’s commitment to work with other traffic agencies to ensure discipline and orderliness are maintained on the highways during the Yuletide period and beyond.

The SMP Coordinator appealed to transport unions and other stakeholders to prevail on their members to have a change of attitude on use of the roads. This, he said, would guarantee safety of lives and properties during the Christmas festivities and beyond.

He urged motorists to avoid.


Source: The Nation Nigeria

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