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Product Idea: The Fault Detector

“Kelechi! Kelechi! Go outside and check that generator,” Kelechi’s father calls out to him, from the sitting room. Kelechi considers feigning deep sleep. But he remembers the last time he tried it and decides against testing his father’s patience and getting whacked by the man’s fat, rough palm again. Kelechi gets out of bed, picks up a rechargeable lamp and takes the long walk from his room, dow ...

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Vodacom Brings Fleet Management Solution Into Nigerian Market

Apparently having discovered the problems associated with car theft and vandalism of vehicles in the country, Vodacom, at the weekend, launched Fleet Management solution in Lagos. The products according to the company are reliable, secure and effective solution developed in partnership with Tracker South Africa. The solution which comes in two packages, LiveTrack and TomTom, enables companies of ...

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‘NURTW Will Obey Traffic Laws’

The Lagos State council of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) has said it will comply with the directives of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to enforce traffic rules. Its Chairman, Tajudeen Agbede, said: “From today, our officers on major expressways must always be on standby to assist security agencies with traffic control. “ The routes are Ikorodu Road – Yaba;  Agege Motor Road- Ab ...

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Admiralty Motors Spoils Customers with Xmas Bonanza

Admiralty Motors Limited, a one-stop 3S automobile facility in Lekki, Lagos, has kicked off a Christmas bonanza for its customers aimed keeping their cars in good condition during this festive period. The Managing Director of Admiralty Motors, Maryann Chukwueke told the press that this had become necessary because the Christmas season is a period when most families travel together to their countr ...

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Fortuner: Athletic, Smart Toyota SUV

A good Sport Utility Vehicle should have attributes like high ground clearance, off-road capability, smart design, high level comfort and safety features. Oftentime most makers of Sports utility vehicles do not think that fuel efficiency should be one of the attributes. But this is where Toyota models standout. They give you sport utility vehicle features and at the same time, do not compromise on f ...

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FG to Raise Import Duties on Used Vehicles

Federal Government is presently considering the option of raising tariffs on imported used cars to enable Nigerians afford new vehicles. This is just as Vice President Yemi Osinbajo urged the National Automotive Design and Development Council to make out a comprehensive vehicle credit purchase scheme. The directive came against the backdrop of the council’s plan to develop the automotive indus ...

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Toyota Goes ‘Back to The Future’ with Mirai, Tacoma

Toyota is celebrating back to the future with a Tacoma pickup made to look just like Marty’s and a Mirai fuel cell vehicle done up like Doc Brown’s time machine in place of the DeLorean. Using Back to the Future Day to show off its hydrogen fuel cell car, Toyota reunited Back To The Future II’s Marty McFly and Doc Brown to talk about the real life innovation that the film predicted 26 years ago. ...

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Hyundai Launches ‘Global Luxury’ Genesis

The new Hyundai Genesis is a brand that would compete with the world’s leading luxury car brands. Refined performance, athletic elegance in design and human-focused, are part of innovations that elevate the Genesis brand. Created for a new generation of discerning consumers, Genesis will be a stand-alone brand that operates alongside the company’s popular Hyundai Marque. Capitalising on its succe ...

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Toyota Records $10.35b Profit in Six Months

With revenue up by nine per cent and net profit up by almost 12 per cent from a year ago, Toyota Motor Corporation appears stronger than ever and poised to ‘take advantage of Volkswagen’s slump by trying to win VW customers.’ Toyota reported a half-year jump in profits even as car sales declined in most regions, as it moves to cut costs and squeeze more productivity out of its plants worldwide. ...

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Davido Acquires Wonder on Wheels

Nigerian superstar, David Adeleke, aka Davido, is known to indulge himself once a while but nothing prepared his fans for his latest move. The award-winning singer, in preparation for his birthday celebration which comes up this month, has acquired a brand new Audi R8 as a gift to himself. “EARLY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO MYSELF!! MY R8!! FINALLY HERE !!!!! THANK GOD For his continuous BLESSINGS!! WATC ...

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