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7 Cheapest Cars to Own

7 Cheapest Cars to Own Honda Fit 5-Year Ownership Cost: $24,991-$29,189 IntelliChoice Value Rating: Excellent The Honda Fit is a wonder in inside bundling, with reconfigurable seats that permit you to store a bicycle, little lounge chair, or even a surfboard inside. Alongside its 40-mpg expressway mileage rating, its ease of proprietorship likewise makes it an exceptionally funct ...

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The Brake System

Most brake systems use a layout very similar to that seen here, comprising the pedal, a booster, master cylinder, hydraulic lines and hoses, and calipers or wheel cylinders that apply pressure to a pad coated in friction material so that it pushes against a rotating disc or drum. Clicking on any of the links will take you to an animation explaining how it works, and highlighting the common failures ...

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The Engine

The engine converts energy to mechanical motion. They come in two main types: gasoline and diesel. The main components of the engine include the engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and the cylinder head. Other components attached to the engine like the timing belt, accessory drive belt and variable valve timing system are included in this section. The internal combustion engine ...

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Motoring Sunday 4/10/15…

...CAR TERMS EXPLAINED PART 1: As long as cars have been on the road, different car-related acronyms, terms and slang have followed. At best, it can all be confusing; at worst, it’s a little intimidating. We hate to see you fake your way through your conversations with your buddies — or worse, a salesperson. There’s no shame in not knowing, but there’s also no excuse for not getting educated. For t ...

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10 Things Not To Do To Your Car

1. Raise the Ride Height or “Lifting”: This modification raises the centre of gravity of your vehicle and makes it more likely to roll over in a collision or during an avoidance manoeuvre. It also means the bumper heights are no longer within the industry standard. This can lead to serious harm to occupants of other vehicles struck by a raised vehicle. Bumpers may no longer align with door beams or ...

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3 Steps to Protect Your Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats add a classy, sophisticated look to any car. However, if you don’t take proper care of your leather, you’re going to end up with ugly, cracked seats that are going to make your car feel embarrassed when you to take her out in public or give your friends a ride. If you love your car, please treat her (and her seats) right. Unless you put an unusually high amount of stress on your ...

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How To Take Care Of Your Car This Rainy Season

Do you know how to Care Your Car During Rainy Season ? Here are the best Monsoon Car Care Tips for you. Follow this and protect your car/bike or any other vehicle without issues. During rainy season water, humidity and moisture spell disaster for the electronic gadgets and metal ware. All these are very easy-to-follow tips and tricks that should make driving easier and more enjoyable. All these make ...

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Is Your Car Fit For The Trip?

Before you embark on that long journey, you need to check your car properly to ensure your car doesn't break down or get you stranded. Here is a list of what to check out for 1)  Engine Oil: Engine oil is very important, without oil, your engine will overheat. Check your car engine oil to ensure that there is enough oil, but also to ensure that contamination hasn’t occurred. 2)  Tyres: ...

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Your Car’s Engine Oil

Engine Oil is as important as the blood that flows in one's life I'd say. As you drive your car, some amount of oil is consumed as it lubricates the engine's internal moving parts. It helps to transfer heat from inside the engine to maintain a safe operating temperature. It also protects and cleans the moving parts under your car hood. It is important you check your engine oil at least once in a ...

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