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Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Driving is an act most of us take for granted. Car care can be expensive and timely if you are not careful. Here are some simple tricks to keep you on the road while spending less money at the auto parts store or garage. Sunrise Melt Insuring that your car is parked facing east will allow the sun to help with defrosting the windshield on cold mornings. Avoid the scrape by parking smarter. ...

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Emergency Kit For Your trunk

Whatever the time of year, it’s a good time to think about a road trip tool kit for the trunk of your car. Murphy’s law tends to strike when or where you least expect it. The truth is: It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. So what do you really need to carry in the trunk of your car? There are certain items considered universal and can easily fit into a toolbox in the trunk. Check them out ...

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Unanticipated Ways To Avoid Accident

Despite the fact that almost every driver believes that he or she is responsible behind the wheel, an alarming number of car crashes occur on the road every year. Often, these accidents are the result of a momentary lapse of judgment or unforeseen maintenance issue. Here are some car travel tips and car safety tips on unexpected ways to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Swerving When suddenl ...

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How To Clean Your Car’s Trunk

The trunk is one of the most overlooked parts of a car when it comes to cleaning. Most people will clean the interior and exterior as well as the wheels with tire dressing.  However when it comes to the trunk, many people forget about it. It’s important to keep a clean trunk because that is where you haul some of your most valuable cargo.  Groceries, clothing and small furniture purchased at s ...

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Car Terms You Should Know

Drophead Meaning: British for "convertible," most commonly used by Rolls-Royce. You know, because "convertible" is apparently too common. Beltline Meaning: The lower edge of wherever all the glass on your ride ends is what forms your car's beltline. A, B, and C Pillars Meaning: The A pillars on your car hold either side of the windshield in place. B pillars start where the ...

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Touch Up Your Car’s Paint Job

Touching up a small scratch on your car with a little bottle of touch-up paint is easy. Before you start the job, mask the surrounding area well and use even, sweeping strokes to apply the paint. (Follow the directions on the can carefully.) The techniques used to paint the body of a vehicle can vary depending on the size of the area you’re working on and the original paint and finish. Unless you h ...

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Bank finance of any kind in Nigeria can be a daunting prospect. Yet for effective personal or business money management, leveraging (loans) is vital, most especially in the day to day existence of entrepreneurs. Now, either for pleasure or business, a new car is rightly considered a big deal. For some, it is the major pointer of how well a business or businessman is doing. After all, you would be ...

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Borno Bans Cars & All…

Nigeria has banned all cars, public transport, horses, donkeys and camels in Borno State to prevent an attack by militant group, Boko Haram, over the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday. The ban came into effect on Wednesday evening and lasts until Friday. At a time when most people are felicitating and renewing themselves spiritually, the people of Borno are having to contend with yet more hardship to alre ...

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Fuel Saving Tips

We have good news and bad news. Bad news first - It seems like fuel is not getting any cheaper any time soon. Now the good news…. There are measures you can take to curb fuel consumption and save yourself a little money in the process. Below are tips to help you improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency so you can 1. Slow Down This is simple and will do wonders for your fuel economy. Many p ...

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How To Clean Car Windows, Mirrors, and Chrome

You can get your car windows crystal clear and your mirrors and chrome sparklingly reflective without a lot of extra hassle. Because they have characteristics that the rest of the car's body doesn't — namely transparency and reflectiveness — the soap you use on the rest of the car isn't going to cut if you want invisible windows, gleaming mirrors, and sparkling chrome. Keep the following in mind wh ...

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