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How To Choose The Right Mechanic

It might seem very logical and sensible to rely on expert opinions for highly technical subject areas like our cars, and simply look up to mechanics when things go wrong. But unfortunately as we have it here in Nigeria, questioning or double checking a technical advice from a practitioner is the sensible way to go. The reasons behind this trend is to avoid situations where you find mechanics twis ...

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Ladies, Understand Your Cars

It is almost general knowledge and somewhat of a myth that most women do not know the full functionality of their cars, because as opposed to their male counterparts, there is carefree attitude to the way they operate their vehicles. Even as this theory may be flawed in its actual sense, a double standard still exists as women are usually described as reckless drivers and are likely to be ripped ...

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Nigerian Way: How is my driving?

The first in my “the Nigeria way” series is based on something dear to my heart, driving. I love cars and I love good driving; I mean sport cars are to be driven ‘fast and furiously’, luxury cars without any ‘need for speed’ and on ‘cruise control’, on the other hand my one bias is that 18 wheelers be driven (pardon the pun) off the streets! Today we will be exploring Nigerian driving (Abuja bein ...

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Surprising: What You Don’t Know About Cars

Most people don’t realize that the gas gauge in your car actually tells you what side of the car your gas cap is on. If your car is too hot, open the drivers side window and then open and close the passenger side door 5-10 times in order to decrease the temperature inside the car by about 5-10 degrees. Driving with the AC on at high speeds as opposed to the windows down saves gas. Wanna lea ...

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Car Lights And Wipers

As the days get shorter, lights and wipers play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident increases if you can’t see or be seen. “With fewer daylight hours, it’s important to make sure your vehicle’s lights and wipers are working properly so your visibility is not compromised and you can be seen by others." “From the driver’s seat, you may not notice a light that isn’t working, s ...

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Understand Your Engine Warning Lights

Each day we receive enquires regarding what issues the various dashboard warning lights can relate to. Some of these lights can be easily disregarded, but others require a bit more investigation or possible repair by one of our Bosch accredited master technicians. Last thing we want in our busy lives is a visit to the garage when it may not be necessary, but more importantly we don’t wish to ...

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Car Battery

Disconnecting and Connecting Your Battery If you're going to do any work on your car involving the electrical system, disconnect the battery first. To do this, loosen the connector for the negative/ground terminal first, and wiggle the terminal cap off. Use a wire-tie or similar to tie the cable back out of the way. If you need to take the battery out, you can now take off the positive connector. ...

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Jump-Start Her Heart…With a Mercedes

“Hello, my pretty! are you going my way?” he asked, almost leaning out of the window as if the distance between his window sill and where the lady stood would prevent her from hearing what he said. “Of course!,” she replied enthusiastically, almost without thinking but drawn it appeared, by that new car smell that must have oozed out of the gleaming black box with matching blacked out alloys on low ...

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DIY Car Maintenance Tips

In trying to live a more frugal life, I’m getting better at handling projects that I used to pay professionals to do. In addition to home improvement projects, I’ve learned that I can save plenty by taking on some auto repairs and maintenance jobs myself. Trust me, I’m not an auto expert. I’m not even very mechanically inclined. But I’ve found the kinds of repairs that just about anyone can handl ...

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Dangers Of Driving Against Traffic

Over the years, lots of men and women, young and old have been killed or maimed by vehicles moving against the traffic. This offence of driving against the traffic is more common when there is heavy traffic on one lane thereby prompting the impatient and disobedient drivers or riders to illegally divert to the lane of oncoming vehicles. Having seen the meaning of and cause of this offence, let ...

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