Car Tracking

Car Tracking

Car theft is still a reality that we will have to contend with for some time to come. Every now and then a car is snatched from the owner at gun point (carjacking) or breaking and entering. You might not be able to stop your car from being snatched, but with a car tracking system, you can greatly increase your chances of recovering it.
Car tracking services can help you monitor, via a computer (on the internet) or mobile phone (internet or SMS), where your car or fleet of cars are at any given point. You can even control the car from a remote location. Car tracking services usually have detailed maps to aid the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Car tracking services can also be used to monitor vital information about a vehicle, like the speed, fuel level, engine temperature, etc.

Car Tracking is not just for Stolen Cars

However, vehicle tracking is not just for recovering stolen cars, logistic companies like transport and distribution companies also need these car tracking services for fleet management. Companies and businesses can also use their car tracking services to monitor and track their official vehicles. They can use vehicle tracking devices to monitor and track where their fleet of cars, vans, trucks, buses, and/or motorcycles are. They can locate a damaged vehicle and efficiently plan for its recovery.

Other vital assets like Containers, Laptops, Generators, etc can also be tracked with a tracking device.

Types of Car Tracking Services

There are different types of car tracking services available today.

Cellular based Car Tracking

The cellular network based tracking service depends on the infrastructure of a mobile network. They are limited because you cannot track your asset in realtime outside the network coverage of the mobile operator. If out of network coverage, the device will record data on-board and transmit only when on network coverage.

This creates a problem as the vehicle cannot be accounted for within the blind spot and a criminal with the know-how will use this to his/her advantage.

This cellular based auto tracking systems uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and/or the mobile networks to provide tracking services for auto and fleet monitoring. To improve the footprint of the system providers now provide tracking across mobile networks in the country and even in neighboring countries.

Tracking information is delivered using SMS or internet depending on the options available from the car tracking service.

GPS based tracking services

Another type is based on satellite technology. These Car tracking services are based only on GPS or similar global satellite navigation system. These solutions are cheaper and can cover a larger territory.

If you have an automobile or any other asset that you value we suggest that you subscribe to a vehicle/asset tracking solution.

Auto tracking services goes beyond just tracking, some include auto insurance package. This means that on the unlikely event that your car cannot be recovered you will be offered a replacement.

Car tracking services can also include movement and tamper sensors to alert you whenever your car is tampered with or if your car is moving. Some tracking systems can even alert you on whether ignition is on or off.

Automobile crash sensors may also be included for rapid response in cases of auto crash. This will allow for quick medical attention. Some car tracking services also offer rapid response service for broken down vehicles.

In Nigeria, mobile network operators like Globacom and MTN now offer asset tracking solutions within their networks.

Glo mobile was the first GSM operator to launch an automobile tracking system in Nigeria. The tracker service was called glo fleetmanager and was powered by Global Asset Protection (GAP) Limited. The service was based on GSM/GPS technologies.




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