Car Terms You Should Know

Car Terms You Should Know



Meaning: British for “convertible,” most commonly used by Rolls-Royce. You know, because “convertible” is apparently too common.



Meaning: The lower edge of wherever all the glass on your ride ends is what forms your car’s beltline.

A, B, and C Pillars


Meaning: The A pillars on your car hold either side of the windshield in place. B pillars start where the driver and passenger-side windows end as you look backward along the length of the car. C pillars hold the sides of your car’s rear window in place. Well-designed pillars don’t create huge blind spots for you as you drive your car. Longer body styles may also have a D pillar. Guess where that one is.



Meaning: If you’ve ever been braking and felt your tires start to skid, you’ve experienced lockup. Typically, the front and rear of your car don’t achieve this state at the same time.

Torque Steer


Meaning: If your car starts to turn in one direction or another whenever you give it some throttle, you’re experiencing torque steer. It’s a more common phenomenon in FWD cars, and can (but does not always) occur when drive shafts are of unequal length.

Pound-Foot (or Pound-Feet)


Meaning: Abbreviated as lb.-ft., this is how torque is measured. Horsepower is great, but you also want to know what kind of torque numbers you’re getting to have a clearer picture of your car’s power capabilities. A single pound of force applied to the end of a one-foot lever is one lb.-ft.



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