‘No Hope’ For Manual BMW M Cars

BMW's M cars could become automatic only and are unlikely to get more than 600bhp. BMW M boss Frank van Meel says competition between the DCT dual-clutch and automatic gearboxes is good for the brand and both ’boxes have a future. However, manual gearboxes could become a thing of the past for M cars because of declining sales figures. Van Meel said: “From a technical standpoint, the future ...

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Why Electric Cars Are Not Yet In Nigeria

An interview conducted by Daily Trust Newspaper   General Manager of Mandilas Motors Nigeria, Stephen Gladwin explains in this interview why the auto market fails and why electric cars would not be visible soon in Nigeria. Excerpts: Daily Trust Saturday: You have been in Nigeria since 2008, what are the dynamics of doing auto business in the country? Stephen Gladwin: There are so many ...

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“No Minister” Delays Auto Policy Implementation

FOR the fourth time in one year, the Federal Government yesterday postponed the full implementation of the nation’s automotive policy to an undisclosed date. The full implementation of the policy earlier scheduled to commence 1/7/2015, has been put on hold until the appointment of substantive ministers. The policy was earlier scheduled to commence in July 2014, then to January 2015, April 2015 a ...

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Apple Flavoured Hyundai

Apple and Hyundai fans can now use both of their prized devices—an Apple Watch and a Hyundai vehicle—together through the automaker’s cloud-based Blue Link app. The free smart watch app lets users lock, unlock and start their car remotely simply by giving voice commands, such as “Start my car” or “Unlock my car.” Previously, Blue Link had only been available on smart phones and Android Wear smar ...

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N2b Car Warehouse Sealed in Lagos

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) yesterday in Lagos sealed up a warehouse with automobile products worth over N2 billion. The SON’s team also arrested a foreigner that works for the company, who is expected to be a lead towards unraveling the owners of the facility. The products intercepted at the warehouse include motorcycle chains, motorcycle engine blocks, clutch fibres, outdated tyre ...

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Kia Adds Picanto & Sportage Special Editions

Kia has announced two new range additions, with satnav on the Picanto for first time and extra kit for Sportage SUV Kia is hoping to give two models in its range an extra kick with new special editions. A new 'Chilli' variant of the Picanto city car offers sat-nav for the first time, while the Sportage 'Axis' loads up on extra equipment and better value for money. The Picanto Chilli , sporting t ...

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Air(bag) Disaster: Toyota, Nissan Recall Cars

Motorists in Nigeria should be concerned as Toyota and Nissan, Japan’s two top automakers, have expanded their global car recall by more than three million vehicles to replace potentially deadly airbags that have already been linked to eight deaths. Recalls globally has not been effective, with most auto companies in Nigeria denying motorists their rights. Faulty airbags made by Takata have be ...

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Female Mechanic Grooms Female Students

The first Nigerian female mechanic, Sandra Aguebor is one woman that has decided to prove to the world that the saying, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do even better’ isn’t just a cliché. She walks and works in a man’s world, and has made a huge success of it. And through her efforts, very soon, female motor mechanics might dominate the automobile industry in Nigeria, with the recent campaign by ...

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