Apple Flavoured Hyundai

Apple Flavoured Hyundai

Apple and Hyundai fans can now use both of their prized devices—an Apple Watch and a Hyundai vehicle—together through the automaker’s cloud-based Blue Link app.

The free smart watch app lets users lock, unlock and start their car remotely simply by giving voice commands, such as “Start my car” or “Unlock my car.”

Previously, Blue Link had only been available on smart phones and Android Wear smart watches.

Besides locking and unlocking the doors, and starting and stopping the engine, the app can locate a vehicle lost in a parking lot, either by flashing the lights and honking the horn, or by mapping it on the smart watch. The app also includes a parking meter reminder and a vehicle status check.

Hyundai Blue Link is a cloud-based telematics system initially compatible with smart phones, and later, smart watches.

The Apple Watch app works with all Blue Link-equipped Hyundai vehicles. The 2012 Sonata was the first Hyundai to get Blue Link capability. The feature has since been rolled out across the lineup.

A new version of Blue Link debuted on the 2015 Azera, Genesis and Sonata. Enhancements to the Blue Link system (not necessarily available for use with the smart watch app) include automatic collision notification; an engine timer, climate control and other features added to the remote-start function; and destination search powered by Google, which allows users to look up an address on their smart phone and send it to the vehicle’s navigation system.

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