Apple Car Project

Apple has definitely made a name for it’s self in the tech world by producing just phones, ipads, e.t.c

Imagine everyone’s surprise when news of an Apple electric car began to spread.

Most people think it is just speculations and that it has no basis.

However, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is indeed building a car.

projection of the apple carprojection of the apple car.

Apple has refused to comment, but has hired experts in automotive and battery technology, according to Yahoo.

Not much is known, for now, about the electric car, but the following.

The name– The electric car project is code-named “Titan”.Carbuzz reports that this is led by a former Ford engineer who is currently recruiting a team of around 1,000 individuals.

Due date– According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s electric vehicle has set a “ship date” of 2019. This means that the car will ready for engineers to sign off on the design in 2019, not that it will be available for sale.

Colour– Reportedly, all Apple Cars will be aluminum or white initially.

InteriorU2’s latest album will be pre-installed, iTunes will be updated every 72 hours, and Siri will be in charge of all left turns.

Location of the testing facility– Yahoo reports that officials at an automotive testing facility in East San Francisco have confirmed that Apple have asked to use their site.

One thing is clear, Apple certainly intends to use it’s battery and sensor technology to shake up the electric car market just as the iPhone did to the smartphone market.

The interiorThe interior

 Source:  Pulse Nigeria

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