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An Auto Facility Opens In Lekki

An Auto Facility Opens In Lekki

The Lekki-Epe axis of Lagos State now has a one-stop facility for purchase, servicing and repair of vehicles, with the establishment of Admiralty Motors Limited in June.

The huge development is spread on hectares of prime and firm land and has facilities to cater to the needs of prospective clients for stress-free experience.

Conducting a tour of the exquisite facility recently, Chief Executive Officer, Maryann Chukwueke, who has been in the auto business in the last 25 years, said systems in the workshop are highly automated and could cater to all vehicle types, including the Japanese, European, American and Korean brands.

According to the Admiralty Motors CEO, the company boasts the most modern equipment in its facility for air conditioner, panel beating, tyre maintenance etc.

Said she “Cars that are mangled from accidents can have their chassis stretched to the original position using Chassis Stretcher in our workshop. While this is going on, the main frame can be reworked at the body shop where ‘panel beating’ is done and then sprayed and oven baked at the paint shop after which it is taken to the car wash.

This, she said, brings the car back to its original shape.

“There is the tyre service section where wheel balancing and alignment is done with the use of a dedicated machine as well as tyre changers,” she said.

“Everything is automated because, as they say, with better tools you get better services; that is what is in here.

This is a 30-bay workshop. Actually, we were doing something medium size and it came out like this and all together we have 30 bays, meaning that 30 cars can be worked on simultaneously. We also have well- trained technicians with average of 10 years experience in the industry.

They also have quick service point and a cafeteria. There is a machine that extracts and refills oil and this keeps the workshop floor clean. They have machines for fixing the injector nozzles of a vehicle, air-conditioning and another that works on discs. For every defect in a vehicle, there is a machine in the workshop to handle the job.

“The automated machines in the workshop are from the United Kingdom and Italy, “she said, adding that spare parts are from the original manufacturers and are delivered very early because of their special freight arrangements.

The cost of servicing and repairing cars at the workshop is very competitive, she said and those who buy cars from her showroom would be given three years warranty because of the confidence they have in their systems.

The Admiralty Motor boss showered praises on Mrs. Chinyere Dozie, who she described as her mentor and benefactor.
The dream of having the facility, “was made possible by my divinely gifted mentor and benefactor, Mrs. Chinyere Dozie, who always found a way to move the project despite all odds and by my family, the Chukwuekes.”

She was full of praises for the Toyota brand which she described as a peace of mind and which from the highest number of their cars the handle at the workshop. Others include BMW, Range Rover, Honda, Nissan, Jeep, Ford, GM product etc.

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