Admiralty Motors Spoils Customers with Xmas Bonanza

Admiralty Motors Spoils Customers with Xmas Bonanza

Admiralty Motors Limited, a one-stop 3S automobile facility in Lekki, Lagos, has kicked off a Christmas bonanza for its customers aimed keeping their cars in good condition during this festive period.

The Managing Director of Admiralty Motors, Maryann Chukwueke told the press that this had become necessary because the Christmas season is a period when most families travel together to their country homes to see their beloved ones which has made it necessary for them to put their cars in good condition for such trips.

To this end, he said, Admiralty Motors decided to put up a package that will be pocket friendly for their existing and prospective customers to enable them service and maintain their cars in preparedness for the long trips during the period. The two months bonanza, which the company tagged Chrismas Super Savings for car owners  runs from the beginning of November till the end of December 2015.

The campaign according to her will include diagnosis, engine oil change, oil, fuel and air filter change, electronic wheel balancing and alignment, electronic injector nozzle flush and calibration. In addition to these, customers will enjoy check, clean and brake adjustment, shocks, stabilizer linkages, exhaust pipes among others for a price as low as N39,000.

The Managing Director noted that they decided to make their pricing very competitive because of the state of the economy and to discourage their customers from trying to risk the lives of their families and their cherished cars because of fund. She said “At Admiralty, our services are offered at lowest cost in our state-of-the-art workshop when compared to workshops in the same class with us,”.

“We have the right manpower and equipment to tackle every customer’s car problems, no matter how difficult, as we are well equipped to handle all Japanese, European and American brands.” Admiralty Motors is a one stop auto centre comprising sales, service and spares. It boasts the most modern equipment for tyre services, a 30-bay workshop with air conditioning recycling machines, fuel injector cleaner, oil extractor, among others.

Another important equipment in Admiralty Motors workshop is the Celette bench which stretches accidented car chassis to its original shape, while the air conditioning recycling machine detects every problem in the car air conditioning system within  minutes and gives accurate solutions to the problems.

The fuel injector cleaner produced by Launch, a United Kingdom based company caliberate the nozzle, thereby making the job very easy for the technicians. “With oil extractor, oil change is made very easy and helps keep the workshop clean”, says the Admiralty Motors boss. Admiralty Motors, apart from sales of Toyota and other brands, has four teams that handle, European, Japanese, American and Korean brands, and everything is automated with precision.

For Chukwueke, the workshop boasts the most qualified technicians and engineers in the industry. “The minimum experience here is five years and most of them have worked in leading workshops in the country”, she said.  Continuing, she said, we have graduate in automobile and mechanical engineering many of them have craft qualifications but, most importantly, our charges are very affordable compared to our competitors, yet non can march our services.

She however noted that they took the pains to equip the workshop to world class standard because they realized that without major tools, one cannot do a good job on today’s automobiles.



Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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