Mymotoshield, Cornerstone Insurance Partner on Vehicle Repairs

Mymotoshield, Cornerstone Insurance Partner on Vehicle Repairs

MYMOTO XE, a brand of RiverMews Limited, has entered into strategic partnership with Cornerstone Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in the country to provide quality after sales services to owners of both used and brand new cars. Under the partnership, Mymoto will be providing a cover called Mymotoshield, a vehicle repair contract or extended warranty that covers the cost of parts and repair services related to a pre-agreed set of vehicle mechanical and electrical vehicle components that stop working in normal cause of use.

According to Mymoto XE, Mr. Wole Onasanya, who briefed the press in Lagos recently, the products is the first of its kind in Nigeria and is aimed at giving car owners a peace of mind.

“Mymotoshield can be purchased for a vehicle that is currently in use by a customer or at the time of buying a brand new or used car from selected auto dealerships to provide peace of mind,”says  Onasanya.

On how the Mymotoshield works, the Managing Director explained that when a customer buys Mymotoshield cover and when the vehicle has a covered repair, all the customer needs to pay a pre-agreed deductible while Mymotoshield takes over the process from there.

According to him, the company has an understanding with reputable spare parts manufacturer which gives the customer an assurance of use of genuine parts.

Spare parts manufacturer

“We utilize high quality parts manufactured by reputable brands that meet the standard demanded in the United States and Western Europe. Also Mymtoshield provides a warranty of six months or 6000 kilometres on all replacement parts used and if a parts fails during this period Mymotoshield will replace it at no cost to the customer.

Under the agreement, Mymotoshield also provide warranty on labour to ensure that the repairs are performed to the highest quality.

On what the Mymotoshield covered, the Managing Director said it covers car components ranging from 300 to 700 but this depends on the product bundle the customer purchase. Some of the components include engine components, electrical components and Motor like alternator, starter, window motor, wiper.

Others are Transmission components, suspension, steering components, air condition components, Hi-tech components, engine cooling components, drive axle, brakes, fuel delivery among others.

Highlighting the benefits of the product, Mr. Toyin Ajomale, Chief Technology Officer of the company explained that it helps with the budgeting and planning of repair expenditure by ptotecting against unforeseen high repair cost that can suddenly occure in the course of owning vehicles. It also gives peace of mind as the right replacement parts are used.

Apart from this, it increases the useful life of the vehicle, thereby keeping the vehicle on the road for longer period without constant breakdown. What does it take to take a Mymotoshield, Ajomale explain that a customer can take 12 months vehicle repair contract or more depending on his budget, adding that the cost is very affordable as it has been packaged to give relief to car owner.

The chief technology officer further stated that the Mymotoshield does not cover repairs arising from accidents scheduled service items, body and structural repair to the vehicle.


Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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