Boulos Eyes 100% Vehicle Manufacturing in Nigeria with CP200

Boulos Eyes 100% Vehicle Manufacturing in Nigeria with CP200

Boulous Enterprises Limited may soon begin 100 per cent vehicle production in Nigeria with the launch of its new Piaggio CP200 Van, which was designed, fabricated and manufactured in Lagos with about 50 per cent local content.

Boulos said the entire rear section; including the rear floor platform, steel structure, steel or aluminium cladding, roof unit and all doors were fabricated and manufactured in the Boulos factory in Ikeja.

In a release made available to The Guardian, the new CP200 van joins the range of products produced by the all Nigerian workforce.

National Corporate Manager for the organisation, Joseph Fayose said: “I feel proud that we have launched a vehicle that is ideally suited to our philosophy of “Transport Solutions for Nigeria” this nippy, economical Piaggio van carries up to 400kg and is ideally suited to the streets and roads of Nigeria.

“In fact, because it is manufactured by us it is only available in Nigeria!. It is tough, reliable and Boulos has ample parts stock to ensure the nothing is ever lacking for servicing the vehicle. As we manufacture the van we can configure it for the needs of any business, It can have Back Doors for side streets or Side Doors for back streets”.


Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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