Jaguar Land Rover Rolls Last of Defenders off Production

Jaguar Land Rover Rolls Last of Defenders off Production

THOSE who are deeply in love with the rugged ability, the dexterity and the toughness of the Land Rover Defender, which has motored on for almost 70 years, may need to look forward to a better model yet to be announced by the organisation to replace the brand as last of Defenders are rolling off production line.

Jaguar and Land Rover, which were acquired by Tata Motors from Ford in 2008 and merged into one company, has made more than 2 million of the machine but as part of measures to beat tougher emissions laws and pedestrian safety rules, the company will cease production in Solihull, England, in late January, 2016.

Though the company said plans are underway for a replacement model that will combine its “can go anywhere” pedigree with today’s touchscreens and cordless phone charging features, it may simply be difficult for lovers to forget the off-road superiority of Defender, which is built on the reputation of the boxy classic.

 From a design pictured by designer and engineer, Maurice Wilks in 1947, Defender a vehicle that is well known and loved across the globe, particularly in United Kingdom had only 18,000 Defenders in production line last year, down from peak annual output of about 56,000 yearly in the 1970s.

The iconic truck is put together by 450 workers in Solihull, U.K., still almost completely hand-built and had first annual production in 1948, totaling 8,000 cars which were sold out in one day.


Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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