Month: October 2015

My Exploits As Car Snatcher

When 31-year-old Israel Damascus, a Ghanaian, decided to relocate to Nigeria, little did he know that a day would come when he would abandon his work as a truck driver and start engaging in vices that will land him into trouble. This is because he was recently arrested along with two others identified as Chuks Ikechukwu,30, and Kingsley Ebere, 28, by the police at the State Investigations Bureau ...

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Abandoned Federal Roads Haunt Obasanjo, Jonathan

They were both democratic heads of state for over 13 years and for the period, they approved bil­lions of naira to fix some federal highways across Nigeria. Some of them include the Abuja-Lokoja-Benin, Port Harcourt-Eket, Kano-Maiduguri, La­gos-Ibadan, Lagos-Sagamu-Benin, and the Onitsha-Enugu dual carriageways. Unfortunately, the roads are today in bad shape because they have been abandoned for sev ...

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Mechanic KIlls Colleague Over Missing Screw

An auto-mechanic identified as Chukwuma has stabbed and killed his co-worker in Enugu over a missing screw. The incident took place at Tinkers’ Village in the city. The deceased was identified as Nnamdi Nzeh, who was a major dealer in motor parts. Nze was said to have died in a brawl which followed an intense argument with Chukwuma. An eyewitness said Nze died as a result of a deep cut he s ...

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‘Nigeria To Become Africa’s Next Automotive Hub By 2050’

Tokunbo imports may stop by 2044 If Nigeria remains committed to the implementation of its automotive policy, it may realise its potential of being the hub of the continent’s automotive industry, accounting for 70 per cent of new cars to be manufactured by 2050, latest PwC report has shown. Similarly, the report projected that Imported used vehicles, popularly referred to as Tokunbo cars will ...

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MTN launches New & Exciting Product At Abuja Motor Fair

  Africa’s leading ICT Company, MTN Nigeria was a major sponsor at the just concluded 2015 Abuja Motor Fair. According to MTN, this sponsorship emanated from a need to support the rapid development of the automotive and road transport sectors of the Nigerian economy. The fair which exhibited many new and exciting innovations in the automobile industry also saw the launch of MTN’s latest p ...

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Top Five Most Expensive Luxury Sports Cars Ever Produced

Maybach ExeleroSometimes, luxury cars are not just about transportation, like the top 5 most expensive luxury sports cars ever produced across the world, they speak more about flamboyancy and showing off, placing priority on level-headedness and efficiency. The rolling art pieces showcased here are truly mind-boggling machines ever produced and used across the world. Maybach Exelero: $8 mill ...

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Aisin Unveils After-Sales Car Services in Nigeria

A new collaboration between Aisin, a member of Toyota group and Star Sewing Machines Limited is targeting to improve car after sales market in Nigeria with the official launch of its products in Lagos. Besides, the companies have revealed plans to fight fake products and adopt tight measures that will help to drastically reduce vehicle imitated products through collaboration with concerned govern ...

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Voice Commands Distract Drivers Half A Minute

Drivers can remain distracted for up to 27 seconds after using voice commands on their phones or in-vehicle infotainment systems, research conducted for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found. In a study released on Wednesday, researchers tested voice-activated systems in ten 2015 model year vehicles on 257 drivers and three smartphone systems on 65 drivers. They found that each one increase ...

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Weird Car Door Designs

There must be a better way to open a door than just side hinges and a handle? History suggests probably not. 1) Kaiser Darrin Fibreglass American sports car beat the Corvette to market by a year and featured a pair of doors that slid elegantly into the front wings instead of opening outwards. Shame it cost more than a Cadillac and had a radiator grille that looked like a cat’s bum. 2) BMW Z1 ...

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