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Month: September 2015

Tips for Washing Your Car’s Body

Cleaning your car efficiently saves you time and effort and ensures that the vehicle’s body comes out looking great. If you clean haphazardly, the task takes much longer, and you run the risk of scratching the finish, streaking the surface, and leaving the body vulnerable to rust. Most modern vehicles are painted in a two-step process that produces a clear-coat finish, which can far outlast the acr ...

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Weststar Reveals New Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

This is good news for sports car lovers in Nigeria. Mercedes-Benz has finally  added its award winning sports car, the Mercedes-Benz, AMG, GT to its line up in Nigeria. According to Weststar, Mercedes-Benz representative in Nigeria, after many years of development, the wait is finally over. The AMG GT carries the Mercedes-Benz racing car heritage and conveys the essences of the performance brand AMG ...

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Things You Shouldn’t Do After A Car Accident

 The moments immediately following a car accident can be stressful and confusing. You might be disoriented and full of adrenaline, and it may be difficult to make any sort of rational decision – this is normal. There’s a lot of information going around about what to do after you’ve been in an accident, but to keep things from going from bad to worse, there are certain things that you should absolute ...

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LTV, Automedics Auto Show Debuts In Lagos

Automedics Limited has introduced a new automotive exhibition platform tagged ‘Automedics Autofest’, in partnership with Lagos Television, to provide new opportunities for automobile manufacturers and franchise holders to display their strength and capabilities in the Nigeria. Automedics Autofest is an annual show which serves as a meeting platform for auto lovers, buyers and sellers to transact ...

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10 Myths About Washing Your Car

Here they are – and remember they’re all false: Clean cars get less attention from police Birds, like police, give special attention to a clean car and poop allover it New car paint shouldn’t be washed immediately Dirt protects paints so better leave the car as is Rain can do a fine job washing your car for you You don’t have to wax the car Don’t wash your engine or you’ll ruin it ...

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Items You Shouldn’t Store In Your Car

For many people, a car is like a traveling storage bin. But there are some things you shouldn't keep in your car -- unless you want potential thieves to purloin your personal information. It's generally easier to break into someone's car to steal something than to break into a home, so you want to make sure that your valuables and items with personal data are locked up in a place where crim ...

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10 Things Not To Do To Your Car

1. Raise the Ride Height or “Lifting”: This modification raises the centre of gravity of your vehicle and makes it more likely to roll over in a collision or during an avoidance manoeuvre. It also means the bumper heights are no longer within the industry standard. This can lead to serious harm to occupants of other vehicles struck by a raised vehicle. Bumpers may no longer align with door beams or ...

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3 Steps to Protect Your Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats add a classy, sophisticated look to any car. However, if you don’t take proper care of your leather, you’re going to end up with ugly, cracked seats that are going to make your car feel embarrassed when you to take her out in public or give your friends a ride. If you love your car, please treat her (and her seats) right. Unless you put an unusually high amount of stress on your ...

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Nissan To Replace Its 370Z With SUV

Nissan will abandon its powerful, rear-wheel drive 370Z coupe with a small sporty SUV, a report published by British magazine, Autocar has said. Said to be unveiled as early as next month at the Frankfurt motor show, the new Z-badged SUV follows well-publicised plans to downsize the 370Z to a cheaper, simpler turbocharged four-cylinder coupe, possibly based on the iDx coupe that was revealed at t ...

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Ford S-MAX

When the S-MAX first went on sale in 2006, Ford proved you needn’t sacrifice family practicality for driver enjoyment – marrying the two to create one not only one of the best handling MPVs but also one of the most appealing family cars on sale. Now in it’s second generation the Ford S-Max goes up against other seven seaters such as the Renault Grand Scenic andPeugeot 5008. However, the C ...

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