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Month: September 2015

Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You

Anybody that owns a car knows that a trip to the service shop is inevitable. It's pretty simple to do the basics, but the average car owner doesn't know anything about the size of their car's gas tank, let alone about what's under that hood. Although some good guys exist, many of the car dealerships and other mechanics see this as a chance to prey on the vulnerable and uneducated. We want to protect ...

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Car Washing Business, Good Venture

Even though car washing business is a lucrative one but it is not fully tapped considering the rate at which cars are being imported in the country on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many youths never saw this business as a good way of starting life, due to the belief that it is only suitable for those who do not have any formal education. Definitely, this is far from the truth as it gives room for f ...

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2015 Nissan Murano

What's New for 2015 The Nissan Murano has been redesigned for the 2015 model year. Major changes include a nicer interior, sleek new styling and improved fuel economy. Introduction We've been impressed with the Nissan Murano ever since its debut way back in 2003. One of the first crossover SUVs, it stood out for its combination of stylish looks, roomy five-passenger seating, and power and ...

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Porsche Reveals Its Electric Concept With Mission E

PORSCHE has launched into the world of electric car concept with the unveiling of a stunning new 600bhp plus electric-powered concept car – the Mission E. Showing off its capability in terms of electric mobility at this year’s Frankfurt motor, Porsche said the concept is a reflection of tomorrow’s expectation. The Mission E is expected to be powered by a pair of electric motors derived from Po ...

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Nissan Strengthens 2015 Altima For Efficiency

THE 2015 Nissan Altima has been fortified to deliver excellent fuel economy and enhance a rare blend of comfort and exceptional capacity that compares to most premium sedans. Described as stylish, bold and aggressive with long body lines that distinguish the Japanese engineered sedan from rivals, the new Altima offers exceptional premium experiences and high technologies that could give mid-size ...

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Ways To Fill Small Dents And Holes In A Car’s Body

Many compounds are on the market for filling small holes, dents, and creases in the surface of your car. Most kits contain at least two substances: the filler and a hardener that you mix with the filler before you use it. Check carefully at the auto supply store to find the kit with the easiest instructions that can do the job for you as simply as possible. To give you an idea of how to apply body ...

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How To Maintain Car Wipers and Washer Fluid

Under the hood of your vehicle is a plastic container that contains the fluid for your windshield wipers. Is it full of liquid? If not, you can fill it with any one of a variety of windshield washer solutions — you can even use a home window cleaner. Just don’t use detergent, which can leave a residue that can plug up your lines. Plus, it isn’t easy to drive with suds all over your windshield! Pay ...

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2016 Honda Pilot

  What's New for 2016 The Pilot is completely redesigned for the 2016 model year. Introduction Big and blocky on the outside but underneath just a roomy, family-friendly crossover, the previous-generation Honda Pilot perhaps tried a little too hard to look like something it wasn't. It was like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory gearing up in full Under Armour apparel to fake his way i ...

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Driving In Nigeria Can Drive You Crazy

“Ehhhh! Yes! Ehhh! Same to you jare! Rubbish! Abeg, get out jor. Ahn ahn. See this useless man o! What kind of nonsense is that?” Miss I-Always-Do-Right shouted out to a driver who had just driven off. She’s had one hell of a day; work was stressful. She had an argument with the Bae earlier. It’s the end of the month, so no money (but her needs do not respect that) and this traffic drama just cap ...

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2015 Toyota Tundra

What's New for 2015: The 2015 Toyota Tundra loses its base V6, leaving the two V8s as the only engine options. Also, Toyota has added the off-road themed TRD Pro trim level to the lineup and will offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Introduction After a major face-lift just a year ago, the Toyota Tundra gets another round of changes for 2015. Toyota updated the Tundra's styling last ...

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