Month: July 2015

African Footballers And Their Expensive Cars

Football stars earn millions of dollars each year, many choose to spend it on the finest cars money can buy. Here is an interesting list of most expensive cars owned by African footballers. 1)  Obafemi Martins: Mercedes SLR McLaren Obafemi Martins is a Nigerian footballer and also Seattle Sounders FC player. He was once Newscastle United striker. He owns a brand new Mercedes Benz Slr Mclaren w ...

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Car Imports Drop

Due to the increase on import duty on cars (old and new), automobile importers and dealers are presently experiencing a rough time in their business. The Federal Government had raised the import duty on cars (old and new) from 22 per cent to 70 per cent to discourage importation of vehicles under its National Automotive Development Plan. Punch correspondents made findings at the Lago ...

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Fayose Endorses Car Loan For Workers

  Over the weekend, the Ekiti State Commissioner For Finance, Chief Toyin Ojo revealed that Ayose Fayose, the Governor of Ekiti State has approved the disbursement of a sum of N119m as car loans to 623 workers in the state public service. Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) got N82,120,000 while Parastatals and Agencies got N36.80 million. According to a statement by the state Min ...

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Updated TF-X To Be Launched In 2021

TF-X is a proposed roadable aircraft incorporating autoland features and a ballistic parachute. An American company Terrafugia has disclosed features of its updated TF-X flying car ahead of a proposed 2021 sales launch. The 2013 concept’s catfish face has been replaced with a pointy new snout with long headlights above and a broad grille design along the lower edge. There’s a more futuristi ...

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Peugeot Nigeria To Contend With Innoson Vehicles

There's been good news in Nigeria's automobile sector since the implementation of the new automotive policy. We've had some automobile companies establishing their companies in Nigeria, thereby creating employment for Nigerians. It all started with our home grown car manufacturing company "Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company Limited" rolling out large quantities of  their IVM SUV (Innoson IVM ...

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TATA Assembles Cars in Nigeria

TATA automobile company is set to assemble its brand of vehicles in Nigeria, in response to the country’s new policy in the automobile sector. Many of the major vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda are currently taking advantage of the new national auto policy.  National Automotive Council (NAC) while assessing efforts so far, assured Nigerians of quality of their products. Acco ...

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Your Car’s Engine Oil

Engine Oil is as important as the blood that flows in one's life I'd say. As you drive your car, some amount of oil is consumed as it lubricates the engine's internal moving parts. It helps to transfer heat from inside the engine to maintain a safe operating temperature. It also protects and cleans the moving parts under your car hood. It is important you check your engine oil at least once in a ...

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East & West Connected: Huawei, VW Partner

Soon, Huawei smartphones will have apps that will allow them connect seamlessly to vehicles made by Volkswagen. Two global brands - Huawei and Volkswagen - who are increasing their presence in Nigeria are partnering to offer android phone users who happen to drive Volkswagen vehicles the opportunity to connect their Huawei smart phones to their cars. The telecoms giant offered more details a ...

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Israeli Automobile firm Trains Akwa Ibom Indigenes

An Israeli automobile manufacturing company, MIMSHAC Merkavim Transportation Technologies Plant, said it would train no fewer than 20 Akwa Ibom indigenes in automobile manufacturing. Mr Ronen Golan, International Business Development Adviser of the company, disclosed this in Itu on Tuesday during the ground-breaking ceremony marking the establishment of the plant in the state. Golan disclosed that ...

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