10 Myths About Washing Your Car

10 Myths About Washing Your Car

Here they are – and remember they’re all false:

  • Clean cars get less attention from police
  • Birds, like police, give special attention to a clean car and poop allover it
  • New car paint shouldn’t be washed immediately
  • Dirt protects paints so better leave the car as is
  • Rain can do a fine job washing your car for you
  • You don’t have to wax the car
  • Don’t wash your engine or you’ll ruin it
  • You can use dishwasher to wash your car every single time
  • Car interiors won’t get wet with pressure washing
  • Clean cars are more fuel-efficient than dirty ones

There you have it. In case you have been listening to any of these myths, definitely stop and treat your car better henceforward.


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